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Welcome To
Qhakaza Mbokodo
Research Clinic

The clinic, situated in Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal, has conducted
microbicide studies since 2007 and is headed by Dr Phillip Kotze.

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Mission & Vision Statement

QM strives for ethical, high-quality research and the provision of additional healthcare for residents of under-resourced rural communities. Its approach is founded on the establishment of long-term relationships with participants, local communities and stakeholders in order to collectively reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic. QM will play an active role in the prevention of HIV/AIDS while providing high-quality health care for enrolled participants.

Social Responsibility

Working in partnership with local NGOs, Qhakaza Mbokodo builds capacity across communities to support youth peer change agents and women empowerment.


Qhakaza Mbokodo Research Clinic is situated in the town of Ladysmith. The town is 230 kilometers north-west of Durban and 365 kilometers south of Johannesburg. Important industries in the area include food processing, textile and tyre production.

The region is challenged by an imbalance in service provision – services are better in the less-populated urban than in densely populated rural areas. The priority development issues for the municipality of Alfred Duma (eMnambithi/Ladysmith) are: infrastructure and services; social and economic development; land reform, environment and land use management; institutional and financial development; and democracy and governance.